Parenting Fail? – Pin The Molotov On The Police Car

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Somehow I think there are people who would see this as a parenting win rather than a fail. Although I’m mot sure how future and current police officers might feel about it? – Pin The Molotov On The Police Car?

Parenting Fail


  1. Max December 27, 2010 at 1:30 pm - Reply

    lol futcha gangsta

  2. Cobra September 29, 2012 at 12:56 pm - Reply

    Disagree, the police treat people like shit. They are trained to profile, and then abuse there power. They lie to people, break the laws they are supposed to enforce, and brutalize people. They use excessive force, even when little force isn’t even needed.

    Sure there are good cops out there, but there are also a great majority of dirty cops and bad cops. If you saw what happened at NATO with unarmed non violent protesters getting their heads beaten in senselessly by the police force, maybe you would think again about this article.

    They had i believe 6 ambulances standing by and when the mangled people of the protest were brought to them, the ambulance said, “We can’t take them, we are on standby for the police only.” I find it interesting that the police would have 6 ambulances when they are all wearing riot gear, and the protesters were unarmed wearing plain clothes, and peaceful.

    One of the trainings the police have is that when using a night stick the head and groin are places you hit in the most extreme circumstances in which their lives are endangered. Apparently, the cops in Chicago during NATO were trained the opposite, because I saw so many people with their heads beaten and when I saw the police start swinging, it was straight for heads. Batons were swinging in the air straight up and down. This is not how a police officer should act.

    The reality of this photo is to show that the police are not your friends. This is extremely true if you are not a person living in the mainstream lifestyle. Meaning if you protest, you believe in anything other than capitalism, you have any sort of different beliefs than most mainstream people, or you don’t dress “normally”.

    You can call this a parenting fail, but I say anyone thinking the police are there to help are idiots. The police protect corporations before people. What’s funny to me is when I was in the 5th grade when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, i said a cop, so I could beat people with a stick, now I hate cops for that exact thing.

    I recommend you look at some protest videos from NATO or any of the Occupy Oakland videos. The police used extreme force in so many instances that they didn’t need to. Don’t just look at main stream media either, those are sources that are paid by the government and other corporations to keep shit quiet. Unless the police do something that pisses the media off, they usually say something like, “Tampa PD did a great job handling the out of hand black bloc anarchists when they got out of hand and ran them out of town” That was actually something very similar to what a news station in Tampa during the RNC said. I can’t really site a true quote, but in any case, the black bloc was actually really peaceful and didn’t really do much of anything bloc tactic wise. They also hadn’t at all left town when that article had gone out. In fact they were all pretty much just camping at Romneyville in Tampa, I think for about another 3 to 5 days. There really wasn’t any confrontation with the police the night they were talking about either. That’s just one example of awful reporting the mainstream media does.

    In any case, check out these places for videos of police brutality on peaceful protesters. Who would have thought our first amendment right would be violated, and the police would be the one who violated it?

    A little information on this video, the police used a tactic called ketteing to block all protesters in a small area. This is where they put lines of police on all sides of the protesters and squeeze them in so they have nowhere to go. They then don’t allow protesters to leave and in this situation, and sometimes even start pushing on one end of the kettle to force people through the police line on the other side. They went a step further and started “laying down the law” with with their fancy wooden sticks in this video… Another thing you should keep in mind, i believe there was no pepper spray or other chemical weapons used at all during NATO. Which is something they would usually use before bashing skulls in like that.

    NatoIndyedia was the main indy media outlet for NATO

    Here is Oaklands main video outlets.

    in Denver they beat a teenage girl who was in custody, then they killed her dog by kicking it repeatedly. They also used pepper balls, paint ball guns with balls filled with pepper spray like material, and shot several protesters multiple times, even though these were all peaceful protesters.

    Before NATO, several of my friends got pulled over by a cop for no apparent reason. They recorded the cops saying that they were going to look for them at NATO, they also said, “You know what they said in ’68″, “Billy club to the fucking skull!”

    I think a week after posting this video, my friends house was raided and he was arrested. Interesting that he would be raided just after posting the video…

    Police protect and serve alright. They protect you from your rights, and serve you beatings.

    These videos are just police brutality and videos of bad police only based on protest situations. This doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg though. There is plenty of racism, sexism, homophobia, and all sorts of other abuses of there power out there.

    Again, I realize there are good cops out there, but they are to few and far in between to say that the police are a good thing. Of course if you’re main stream then yeah you probably have had a great experience with the police, but try growing up in the wrong part of Chicago,. I’m sure if you did that you would have a completely different experience with the police.

    In closing, before you say the police are great and do only good for the community, I would like to ask you to start researching cases of police brutality, and ask yourself who really are the police protecting. I’ll leave you with a quote.

    “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

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