The New (Ab)Normal – Food In the 1950′s Vs Food Today

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This infographic from the CDC shows how portions sizes in restaurants have been growing in the U.S. since the 1950′s, and are now on average 4 times larger. The direct correlation drawn by the CDC is that adults are now on average 26 pounds heavier.

Appears pretty ans shockingly straight forward right?

I have slight issue with this as, I’m not a fat bloke, I’m a bit above my idea weight and have the nickname of “the human waste disposal” among my kids, wife and friends.  Yet for me losing weight is relatively easy because it’s not the amount that I eat, rather it’s what I eat, and by what I eat I’m referring to carbs.

If I cut out or down on the carbohydrates the weight just falls off regardless of how much I eat (and the best thing about doing that is the amount of stake dinners with fired mushrooms and onions that I can find an excuse for).

So folks, is it really as cut and dry as the CDC is making out?

CDC - The New (Ab)Normal Inforgraphic

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