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Secret Love Special Sauce?

Paul O'Flaherty 2

I think I’ll skip the Big Mac thanks and not just because it’s Valentines Day ;)

Big Mac Secret Sauce

So that's the secret

Your Chances of Getting Laid on Valentine’s Day

Sara 0

It’s a scientific fact that the better the gift, the better your chances of getting laid on Valentine’s Day.

Why They Created Valentines Day

Paul O'Flaherty 2

That explains so much.. the evil bastards!

Valentines day - torturing single people

A Gift For Your Man On Valentines Day

Paul O'Flaherty 5

What could be more fitting that a DIY Vasectomy kit?

chop it off yourself

Your Flickr Stats Explained

Paul O'Flaherty 2

See, that wasn’t hard to figure out was it! Boobs= Pageviews.

flickr stats


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