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The Story Of Star Wars… In Lego

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Lego just makes everything better, I think we all can agree on that!

Terrapin vs. Fish: Place Your Bets

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You were wrong.  Pay up!

The fish are Emperor Cichlids (Boulengerochromis Microlepis).

They will vigorously defend their nest.

What Up Ya’ll Check Out Da Swagger Wagon!

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Gotta hand it to Toyota’s marketing team!  Very clever commercial,  trying to reinvent the minivan and make it kewl.

Men With Talent

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Forget your American Idol or Britain’s Got talent bullshit. This is what we’re talking about. Heineken presents: Men With Talent!

Ironing Man – Awesome ‘Iron Man’ Parody

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For all of you waiting to watch Iron Man 2 in the cinema here’s a little something to tide you over.

Tony Starch is Ironing Man.

Hat-tip to Urlesque


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