So That’s A Sport Now?

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FAP Sports Leggings

I was not aware that fapping was now a sport, or that you could get special leggings to wear while practicing your “sport”.

The Corporate States Of America (Map)

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The Corporate States Of America

Check out this map of the U.S. by each state’s most famous company by where the company was founded. I’m sure there’s some states that are easily up for debate (California) however I don’t think anybody will be debating Florida. They’ll be congratulating Florida…

If Songs Were Real

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The Republic of Telly brings us a hilariously Irish  look at what life would be like if songs were real.  Some strong language in this one folks!

A Great Summer Water Toy

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Wait a minute, is this for kids or adults? I’m not sure the kids need to be playing with this!


Stick It In Me! You Know You Want To!

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Fill The Slot

You don’t need to have a dirty mind to work here, but it certainly helps!


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