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Man And Goose Form “Odd-Couple” Friendship

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Love is for the birds, well, at least for these two love birds.

Steve Hartman meets a retired salesman from Los Angeles who shares a special bond with a Gray Toulouse goose named Maria.

Parakeet Relentlessly Annoying Cat

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This parakeet is determined to annoy the heck out of this cat. I’m taking bets on the parakeets life expectancy if it keeps the behavior up.


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There’s nothing like that first leap into adventure and the unknown.

Geronimo ducks

Objects In The Mirror

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Looks like somebody has discovered a new friend…

Objects In The Mirror

Barking Bird Makes A Great Watchdog

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Who needs a security system when you’ve got a trusty watchdog. And whoever said your watchdog actually has to be a dog?


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