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Kitty Got Caught

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“No really, I came here and the kitchen towels were like that. I have no idea who did it, I’m just trying to put them back. Honest!”

Caught Kitty

Dmitry Medvedev Was Distracted At G20

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I think President Medvedev’s wife may not be too happy with his distractions at the G20 Cannes summit.


I Was Not Playing With The Bin

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What on earth would make you think I was playing with the bin? I would never!!

Playing With The Bin

Coping A Feel At A Celtics Game

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This dude is coping a fine old feel of ass at a Celtics game…. just not quite in the way you might expect!

Coping A Feel At A Celtics Game


Caught In The Act

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These two will never live this down!

Caught In The ActVia.


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