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Dog Is Not Impressed With It’s Costume

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Some dogs will tolerate being dressed up but this one is making it abundantly clear what it’s opinion is on being dressed up.

Not Impressed

Mr. McFeely And Purple Panda Bring School Children To Terrified Tears

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Looks like Purple Panda failed to make the transiton to live appearances.

It was a day probably not unlike any other at children’s day care the Pennsylvania Center in the Woods when popular US children’s entertainer and TV personality David Newell, AKA Mr McFeely, turned up for a visit.

Initially the children appear excited at the prospect of meeting Mr McFeely’s special guest Purple Panda, even calling out the creature’s name in delight.

Things got ugly however, when Purple Panda walked into room of gathered toddlers.

The reaction from the children is one of swift and abject terror, with kids huddling together in fear before fleeing off camera screaming and crying.

Moving Back To Ireland

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Depressed Leprechaun is getting out of dodge and off back to Ireland to start again.

Moving Back To Ireland

Vampire Kitty

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Isn’t this the most adorable vampire you’ve ever seen in your life?

Bat Cat

Silly Dog, You’re Not A Rabbit

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This dog may not be a rabbit but does a great rabbit cosplay.

Dog Is Not A Rabbit


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