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Curing Gayness? Yeah…That Will Work!

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Stephen Colbert nails it.

Passport Ownership Prevents Diabetes

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We’re not messing with you. The proof is conclusive. Boing Boing took this map showing passport ownership by state and put it beside this map which shows the prevalence of diabetes by county.

We’re sure that you’ll come to the same amazing conclusion that we did: Instead of worrying about what you eat and your lifestyle, save yourself all the trouble and buy a passport!

Remember folks, prevention is better than cure!

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End Homosexuality With A Pill

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Introducing “Gay Away” the meat substitute that “cures” gayness. Sold at stores frequented by uneducated homophobes everywhere.

Gay Away

Ginger Kids

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Millions of  parents worldwide have to suffer the indignity of giving birth to a red-headed bastard.  I was lucky enough to only partially exhibit these traits, so my life was spared.  Please give generously to find a cure.

ginger kids

Cute And Goofy Animals

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Danger – potential cute overload!


Cat ball face


Bird caught



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