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Can A Land Rover Give You Herpes? – Nothing Serious #Podcast 33

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Chinese exorcist has sex with the possessed vaginas. Randy British dude assaults an innocent Land Rover. Hodson gets depressed about Katee Sackhoff and Riddick. Herpes infested monkeys invade Florida. Man brews beer in his own gut and Elizabeth Hasselbeck from Fox News suggests that gamers should  be monitored to prevent us form going off on a killing spree.

All that and more (plus our Bad Joke Of The Week) on episode 33 of Nothing Serious.

Links to all stories mentioned in this episode of can be found on the Nothing Serious Podcast site.

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Hey Ladies You Know When Your Boyfriend Ask You To Play Video Games With Him?

Paul O'Flaherty 0

You know, you don’t always have to play as a healer, we’ve got some skimpy armor for you to wear if you’d rather be a warrior. ;)

Dear Girls

Why More Women Need To Play The Wii

Paul O'Flaherty 0

Why? Because it builds up muscle strength and is good for your health, that’s why!

Now She Can Do It

Don’t Worry We’ll Find You A Spot

Paul O'Flaherty 0

I just rally hope he doesn’t have to pee!

High Scoring Gamer

Swamp Ass PSA Starring Nathan Fillion

Paul O'Flaherty 0

Nathan Fillion highlights a terrible problem affecting millions of gamers on a daily basis in this important PSA.


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