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How To Pour the Perfect Pint of Guinness From A Can

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Guinness From A Can

Lisa Lavery, kitchen editorial assistant at and former bartender, knows the key to a good pint of Guinness is all in how you pour it. In this tip she shares an awesome method for getting that perfect, creamy head from a can of Guinness without worrying about glass angles or how fast you pour.

Lisa Lavery brings us this tutorial on how to pour the “perfect” Guinness from a can. I’ve yet to try this but I can see why it may work as it forces you to wait between the first and second “pour” and cans come equipped with the widget which helps make the head reasonably decent.

Not covered in this video are the fact that to truly enjoy a pint of Guinness  you need to let it settle, so don’t drink it until all the brownish sediment has settled and the drink looks fully black. Also, make sure you wash the can thoroughly if you’re worried about rodents in can storage rooms.

Finally, don’t try this with a bottle, it simply won’t work as the widget is absent.

No go forth and practice as you have only 2 days left to build up your tolerance before Saint Patrick’s Day.

Guinness Shows How To Get Your Mates To The Pub This Saint Patrick’s Day

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Men are sheep. We’re easily distracted, act on instinct and need to be herded in order to get us all together in one place. However, these clearly aren’t Irish blokes because we’d already be at the pub.

Shoplifting Guinness Genius

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If you’ve ever lifted a slab of Guinness Stout you’ll know just how heavy it can be, so, either this shoplifter has the most amazing thigh workout ever or she has some special device set up under her skirt. Either way, this is some seriously talented shoplifting.

Meanwhile In Ireland…

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I know I should take great offense at this picture because nobody eats Lucky Charms at home. I’m not even sure you can get them…

Meanwhile In Ireland

Only In Japan – World Record For Most Stairs While Climbed Balancing On Head

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Sun Xi Zhong, enters the Guinness World Records for being able to climb a set of 15 pedestals while balanced on his head.


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