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Little Baby’s Ice Cream “This is a Special Time”

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This is a Special Time. Very, very weird and special time.

I may never eat ice cream again!

Ice Cream Wars UK

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How dare you sell 99′s on my turf? Who knew that selling ice cream to kids could be so competitive?

Two hands for beginners!

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Lieze from the Philippines does not want to miss a drop of her delicious chocolate ice cream. In 90 degree heat this goal can be difficult, but she knows all the tricks!

Sleepy Kid Eats Ice Cream Cone In The Car

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Mason may be tired and falling asleep, but he’s not going to let a little thing like nodding off get in the way of finishing his ice cream.

Don’t Ever Feel Sad

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It’s Friday morning, the weekend is almost upon us and no matter is going on in your life just this should help your day feel a little bit better. :)

Don't Feel Sad


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