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Moving Back To Ireland

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Depressed Leprechaun is getting out of dodge and off back to Ireland to start again.

Moving Back To Ireland

The Rubberbandits – Leprechaun Hunting

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The Rubberbandits, who UrlyBits fans will know for their tracks “Horse Outside” and “I Wanna Fight Your Father“, take us on a spot of Leprechaun hunting this St. Patricks Day in Ireland.

Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

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On St. Patricks day posts about Leprechauns and crazy Irish antics are obligatory, but considering that we’re based in Mobile, Al, this video is part of the obligatory line-up!

Mobile Leprechaun

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It looks like back in 2006 one of the little people had a bit too much to drink, wandered off the road to Killarney and somehow awoke from his drunken stupor, up a tree in the Crichton are of Mobile, Alabama.

And what do those terrible Americans do? They frighten the crap out of the little fecker by surrounding him and then don’t even bother to let him sleep off his hangover. A disgrace I tell ya, absolute, disgrace!


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