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Would You Hug a Machine for a Coke?

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Coke machine found in Singapore that dispenses cans of Coke for just the cost of a hug.

Snack Machine Has It All Covered

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This snack machine is a total one-stop shop. Only thing missing is the beer.

That Machine is Not a Playpen

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This had to have been taken at a Walmart.

The Ultimate Shredder: This Machine Destroys Everything:

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Probably will be bought by the White House and for anyone needing to dispose of bodies quickly


Switch On – Switch Off

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I’m not sure why this self-switching machine strikes such a cord with me? Perhaps it’s the simplicity and single minded purpose, or the feeling of kinship stemming from those mornings where all you want to do is turn that bloody alarm clock off and go back to sleep ;)


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