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Your Facebook Updates Are False According To Rainn Wilson

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Part of the Malarious series, a collaboration between CollegeHumor and Malaria No More that aims to end all malaria-related deaths in Africa by 2015, Rainn Wilson points out why your inspirational Facebook quotes are false.

30 celebrities. 24 videos. One cause. Millions of stupid, awful, disgusting mosquitoes. Pay a dollar, five dollars, or whatever you want, and watch these comedy stars do awesome things to help squash this awful disease.

Super (Trailer)

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When sad-sack loser Frank (Rainn Wilson) sees his ex-addict wife (Liv Tyler) willingly snatched by a seductive drug dealer (Kevin Bacon), he finds himself bereft and wholly unable to cope. But soon he decides to fight back under the guise of a DIY superhero called Crimson Bolt. With a hand-made suit, a wrench, and a crazed sidekick named Boltie (Ellen Page), the Crimson Bolt beats his way through the mean streets of crime in hopes of saving his wife.  The rules were written a long time ago: You are not supposed to molest children, cut lines or key cars; if you do, prepare to face the wrath of the Crimson Bolt!

Super is a “Kick-Ass” style superhero movie and is release April 1st!


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