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Has the Rapture Come?

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Did your office look like this too?

Maybe In 2012?

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I absolutely love this picture even if we all know the rapture is never going to come.

Where is the rapture when you need it?Via.

That Was Awkward

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As promised, a user at reddit.com responded to Harold Camping’s billboard campaign proclaiming the Rapture with a billboard campaign of his own in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The digital billboard, which could be seen near Interstate 40 and Gallimore Dairy Road in Guilford County on Sunday, said “That was awkward” and included a verse from Matthew 24:36 stating “No one knows the day or the hour…”

Once again, Reddit proves just how much it rocks!

That Was Awkard

News story. Reddit thread.

Last Rapture Joke, For Real

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We wondered yesterday what was going to happen since the clothes can’t go with you.


I Survived!

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That rapture thing wasn’t able to find me in here!

Hamster in an egg


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