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Frisky Baboon Gropes TV Reporter Live On Air!

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This TV reporter gets far more than she bargained for when “interviewing” Micky the Baboon. I love how he gives the camera such a great big “pleased with himself” grin!

Romanian TV Reporter Caught Faking Sandstorm On Live TV

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There’s breaking the news and there’s making the news, but now we can also add “faking the news” to the list of things that news stations do.

Reporter Walks Into Pole While Trying to Interview Lawyer

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CTV News Reporter Kent Molgat Walks into pole while trying to get an interview and it sounds painful.

Awesome WTF Local News Reporter

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Awesome local news reporter cuts straight to the hard hitting, important questions. There’s no messing around with this guy.

Obama Wants To Raise What??

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A news anchor blooper while covering the the Budget Deficit talks in Washington DC. Unintentional expletive or was there something on his mind?


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