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Forever Alone

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Someday those feet will be more realistic. All you need is a pay rise.

Forever Alone

Possibly The Saddest Support Group Ever

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Forever alone… Together!

That guy in the pink Superman shirt looks uncannily like Oliver Stone…

Forever Alone Support Group

Plan For The Rapture

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Rapture? We here are UrlyBits will continue to bring the best humor from around the internet to those who are left behind…


Desperately Seeking Ken

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Daddy, I didn’t know you played with dolls, too! Blowup doll and toddler

Tiger – He’s Got Major Wood

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Tiger Wood if he could and you can too with your own personal pro. Tiger comes complete with his own putter and balls, all you need to do is provide the something for him to aim for ;)

Tiger Woods Sex dool

Take-Home Tiger


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