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Milk Man: World’s Worst Superhero

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Freddiew has an unfortunate encounter with “Milk Man”. Milk man is quite possibly the worlds worst and most disgusting (think about where the milk comes from) superhero.

The adventures of Milk Man – the worst super hero in the world! Where there’s dairy, Milk Man is there with his udderal blasts and bizarre mode of transportation.

Criminals Beware!

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Stopping evil with the power of sheer cuteness!

Why Superheroes Don’t Use Computers

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Why you’ll probably never see these guys on Facebook.


Save Me

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Why, oh why won’t anybody save me?

Save MeVia Maneggs.

Deadpool Meets The Watchmen

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Another Mac-PC switch parody. Naturally, anything with Deadpool in it is going to be a gripping drama.


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