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Justin Bieber Has a New Tattoo

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Justin Bieber tweeted a picture of his new tattoo to his followers. A crown? Any thoughts on what it means?

343 Or 341?

Paul O'Flaherty 1

I’m really hoping it’s not the guy with the tattoo that is the confused one.

Ouch - Tattoo Fail?

Pringles Tattoo Fail

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Never let your friends give you tattoos when you are both drunk.

Garbage Pail Kids Back Tattoo

Sara 0

Anyone else remember the Garbage Pail Kids? This guy was obviously a HUGE fan!

Never Don’t Give Up

Paul O'Flaherty 0

That’s not a typo in the the title, it’s the text of this guys tattoo. I can’t figure out if it’s a tragic fail or a very clever double negative that could be the creed of the terminally lazy.

Never don't give up


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