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Charles Xavier Will Make A Man Out Of You

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X-Men: First Class meets Disney’s Mulan is this strangely appropriate mashup. I dare you not to hum along!

X-Men Illustrated as Pigs

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Normally I say everything is made better with bacon (Mmmm..bacon…), but I’m not sure if this one really qualifies. It’s cute though!

If Pixar Made X-Men

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Victor Hugo puts his awesome skills to use to give us a glimpse of what the X-Men universe would be like if it were given the Pixar treatment.

Magneto - If Pixar Made X-Men

Redneck Hates X-Men First Class

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And why wouldn’t he… going around trying to instruct him about mootations n’all… He’s got 13 toes, he don’t need to be told ’bout no mootations…

(I sincerely hope this video is just trolling, because if it is, it’s genius…)

X-Men Born This Way (Acoustic Parody)

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Lady Gaga gets the X-Men treatment… which sounds decidedly kinky. At least this guys costume is less outrageous than anything she wears…


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