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Baby Elephant Plays In The Sand At Toledo Zoo

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There’s no sound on this video but that doesn’t stop it from being totally cute.

The Toledo Zoo’s African elephants Renee and Lucas eagerly check out their brand new sand stall. This facility allows the elephants to enjoy another enrichment activity that is similar to their natural habitat. Watch how much fun they have as they play and roll in the sand. The sand stall is part of the new elephant facility at Tembo Trail which will open on May 18, 2012

Please Do Not Climb….

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Hey San Diego Zoo, I’ll try not to but I can’t make any promises. It may be difficult. Lions are so cuddly.

Please Do Not Climb On The LionVia.

Slender Loris Sleeps Through Vet Checkup

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This 8 month old new arrival at the London Zoo must have been so exhausted from her trip, she actually fell asleep during her first vet checkup!

Lioness Wants To Eat The Baby

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400 pound Angie the lioness at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo wants to make a snack out of 1 year old Trent. It must be that jacket and hood. It kinda makes Trent look like a walking piece of candy.

Thanks to the safety glass Trent lives to tell the cute tale and still thinks lions are adorable…


Cookie the Penguin Gets Tickled

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Cookie is the mascot of the Cincinnati Zoo Bird House, and loves to be tickled. Note- the good stuff starts 60 seconds in!


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