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Man With OCD Recites Heartbreaking Poem About His One True Love

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Neil Hilborn, performing during Individual Finals at the 2013 Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam.

It Wasn’t Me

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A “who did it” mystery for our readers, and an example of extremely classy parenting. Might also be a case for not letting kids make their own YouTube videos…

So, who did it?

Epic FAILS Compilation (July 2013 #4)

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You know the drill. They fail miserable and we laugh heartily or gasp at the sheer destruction! Enjoy :)

#TheUndeading - Learn CPR From Zombies

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Zombies know how to keep their food alive and kicking for the ultimate in fresh flavor, and, um… you should too?

Awesome Body-Cut-In-Half Illusion Freaks Out People On The Street

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Comedian, magician and ventriloquist, Andy Gross scares the crap out of people with an awesome “body-cut-in-half” illusion.


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