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So Stereotypical

Unfortunately doesn’t seem to make it any less true.

Black people vs Asian People

The real question is, who is going to keep their shit together when the zombie apocalypse happens? THAT’S the important one!

Someone is Seriously Screwing With the Matrix

What the hell is going on around here??

Martin Loofah King

End segregation and exfoliate at the same time! *Have you entered to win the Zombie Vader print yet??? (Think Christmas!!)

Chinese Guy Ruvs America!

Chinese Guy discusses America, fat people, smelly people, black people, and the color of money. ROR!

Why Cyclists Wear Black Pants (Slightly NSFW)

Hell.  With my “two inch terror” I’d wear black pants too.

Illegal Immigration

Thanks for the thoughts, chief.  I’d like to double down on my pair of 5′s.

Finally, A Little Honesty From Bush

We knew it had to happen eventually…

Adsense… It Knows What You Want to Buy

Emancipation Proclamation… It doesn’t apply in the UK.

White Woman Workout

Can’t lose those last five pounds?  Try the White Woman Workout and put that fear to good use.