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George Carlin on Fathers Day

What is Fathers Day?

Fathers Day Fails - A Guide To Making Your Dad Happy

Still trying to come up with an idea for a present for daddy dearest on this father’s day? Planning on giving him the usual pair of socks, bottle of cheap cologne or novelty musical tie? Let’s not disappoint your old man again this year… Use this hand chart and the coming 4 days to make the the old fart [...]

Too Bad It’s Not Retroactive

Durex – Happy Fathers Day

Can’t think of a better way to proverbially kick your competitors in the balls…

Who’s your Daddy? It sure as hell ain’t me!

Who’s your Daddy? It sure as hell ain’t me!

Obviously photo-shopped by funny as heck. I used to know neighbourhood like this, where the most confusing day of the year was fathers day!

Happy Early Fathers Day!!!

Happy Early Fathers Day!!!

Via Texts from Last Night! (843): happy early fathers day!!! (829): im not a father (843): about that…