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Who Pees Like That?

Who Pees Like That?

I’ve never once had that happen..WTF?


Sorry kid, this is about as good as it gets. Better you learn early.

Cats and the Morning Pee

Cats and the Morning Pee

Kitties say ‘You shall not pass!’.

Wet Crotch Clarification

Wet Crotch Clarification

I’ve walked around today in awe, making sure multiple times that crotch wasn’t wet and that nothing was staining my pants. I finally asked, “Was there a Cosmo article that said women should stare at a man’s crotch and then flash a coy smile, or is it just me?” Apparently, it’s just me. Unlike this poor bastard…


How to Save the Planet

It’s all about the water conservation!

Chihuahua is Bigger Than He looks!

This chihuahua shows he could probably win a pissing match with just about any dog out there, standing on two paws even!

When Dogs See the Leash

What goes through your dog’s head when you say its time to go for a walk. Source

Where Does it All Come From??

The beer paradox…

Social Media Explained

Social Media explained in as basic terms as possible - how it relates to peeing! Via.

A New Low, Even For Walmart

That is truly disgusting. I mean goddamn woman, put on some freaking sweatpants. (that is a woman…right?)