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Cops Arrest Man With Exploded Meth Lab In His Pants

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You know this criminal was top of the list for the next evil criminal mastermind overlord. Right?

Dumbass Criminal Swipes Gas From Cop Car - Posts Picture On Facebook

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People like this seriously deserve to be locked away and have their right to reproduce revoked as this kind of idiocy has to be damaging the gene pool.

Last month, 20-year-old Michael Baker of Jenkens, Kentucky, thought he’d get his jollies stealing gasoline from a police car. He and his girlfriend thought it was such a riot that she snapped a photo of him posing, siphoning gas and giving the finger.

Baker then posted the picture to Facebook where it, as expected, did the rounds eventually  making it’s way into police hands, resulting in his arrest.

The photo has since been taken down, but Baker’s Facebook page is still up. On his wall, he told a friend, “yea lol i went too jail over facebook.”

Baker posted bail yesterday.

Why the Amish Don’t Drink

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Not only can they not hold their liquor, they are terrible drivers when they drink.

Slow Down Or You Will Get Violated

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This German tourist gets pulled over for doing 98 where the limit is 70. Now, while I agree the tourist was an idiot and deserved to be pulled over and ticketed, this cops “tough guy” act is a little over the top for comfort.

“Why are you driving in my country?”

Cops Get Owned - Epic Pee Prank

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Maybe cops aren’t the best choice of people to be pranking but at least most of them were good sports about it.


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