A Guide To Complimenting A Stranger’s Body

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The next time you’re awkwardly yelling “compliments” at people in the street use this handy guide to complimenting a strangers body (for women and men) and avoid statement like – “Oh, look at those funbags missus! Jaysus they’re bloody marvelous. Can I motorboat them for a fiver?”!

Guide To Complimenting A Strangers Body

Source: Mandatory

Dumb & Dumber Re-cut As A Thriller

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Josh Rocklage takes the snips to the 90’s classic comedy “Dumb & Dumber” starring Jim Carey, Jeff Daniels and Lauren Holly, and reassembles it as a psychological thriller. The title of the clip actually says “epic drama” but the music definitely makes it a thriller.

Alabama Mothers Day Card

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If you were born in Alabama, this is one of those holidays that can get a little confusing. Don’t worry, Hallmark has you covered!


The Best Revenge? Pooping on a Hamster

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Once you read this little girl’s note to her mom about her brother doing something weird to her Barbie doll, you’ll understand exactly why the punishment fits the crime.


Violence Is Not The Answer…

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Well sometimes it is… and some people are really into masochism for sexual pleasure!

Violence Is Not The Answer


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