Die Hard With Pugs (Adorable Parody)

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I know it’s kind of stupid.. but it’s Pugs, and Die Hard, and cute… and Die Hard. C’mon.. how can  you say no to Pug Willis?

John McClane, a New York City cop (Izzy the Pug), finds himself in a sticky situation when thieves take over his wife’s office.

Via The Pet Collective

20 Chilling Two-Sentence Horror Stories That Will Keep You Up At Night

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As a father with a 7-month-old baby boy, number 8 really gave me chills.

20 Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories That Will Keep You Up At Night

Mixed Messages?

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Someone with a great sense of humor or just some unfortunate juxtaposition? I guess only the editor at The Chronicle Herald (Nova Scotia) knows for sure!

Mmm Pancakes

Xbox Kinect Sports Rivals Puts YOU In The Game – Become a Champion

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Working at a computer all day and being a geek & gamer by nature means that I can lead a pretty sedentary life sometime, so, geek that I am, when I want to exercise I often find myself turning to entertainment on my consoles to get me off the couch. On both the Wii and the XBox 360 I’ve turned to sports / competitive games as a means to mix exercise and fun, but I’ve always felt let down by the way that I as “the gamer” am represented on-screen. There’s a bit of a disconnect when my Wii or XBox avatar looks nothing like me.

Enter Kinect Sports Rivals for the XBox One. Using the vastly improved Kinect to create an avatar that actually looks like you (as opposed the previous avatars that were assembled by choosing pieces like a Mr. Potato Head), Kinect Sports Rivals actually puts YOU in the game. Kinect on the One is way offers way more precise motion detection than the previous generation, with accurate tracking of limbs, hands, even fingers and facial movements and expressions. Because we all know that capturing the perfect facial expression is paramount when you’re kicking your friends butt in tennis, bowling, wake racing, soccer, target shooting or even climbing in Kinect Sports Rivals.

Become a champions in Kinect Sports Rivals when it launches on April 8th, only on Xbox One. Download the free demo at xbox.com/kinectsportsrivals

I’m Guessing He’s A Proctologist?

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I try to never sit down on the chairs in his office!

Doctor Whet Faartz


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