Black Metal Parody of Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty”

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Apparently Avril Lavigne has gotten a lot of slack for her song “Hello Kitty”. Not only are people accusing it of being culturally insensitive to the Japanese, but some are claiming that Chad Kroeger lending a hand to writing the tune may have added to it’s well… not being her best musical work.. And I thought everybody secretly lvoed Nickelback?

Anyway, black metal band “Woods of Trees” have saved the day with this awesome dark tribute to Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty”. Check it out – you’ll love it!

Here’s the original in case you’ve been living under a rock!

The Coffee Cycle

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This is the sad, sad story of my life and my wonderful addiction! I love you coffee!

The Coffee Cycle

Source: Dave Mercier | College Humor

I’m An Adult Now

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Don’t tell me what to do. I’m and adult and I’ll do whatever I want to do…

Adult Now

Source: Mr. Lovenstein.

Parrot Says “WTF” (Video)

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This parrot has a potty mouth. An adorable, permanently surprised, potty mouth.

Game of Goats – The Game Of Thrones Theme Never Sounded Better!

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Sara just hates it when I sing along to the Game of Thrones theme tune … “game of… game of thrones… game of throoooones….”… I just might start playing this on my phone instead…


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