Maybe It’s For A Leprechaun?

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Well it is a great big green one! Oh, and don’t get me started on the “St. Patty’s Day” idiocy – I wasn’t aware St. Patrick had a sex change!

A Great Big Green One

Where Women Are Stronger

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So you think women are the weaker sex do you?

Women Are Stronger In Bed

Domino’s Pizza Complaints Put Things Into Perspective #FirstWorldProblems

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Genius. Donning funny voices, Stuntbear reads out real complaints from the Domino’s Pizza (Australia) Facebook page and manages to make us all realize how petty people are and just  how good we have it.

Frozen’s Honest Trailer Captures Everything You Love To Hate About It

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I’m going to straight up admit to having never seen the movie, however, that doesn’t mean that my ears haven’t been assaulted by grown men singing “let it go” around the office or kids babbling about talking snowmen.

For those of you who have seen the Disney’s Frozen – well, I’m sorry, and I offer you this Screen Junkies “Honest Trailer” as a little cathartic release.

May Cause Cancer??

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I’m guessing that cancer is more of a “chicken or the egg” situation for the folks at Fox 26.

Cancer May Increase Risk of Cancer - Fox 26


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