Game of Goats – The Game Of Thrones Theme Never Sounded Better!

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Sara just hates it when I sing along to the Game of Thrones theme tune … “game of… game of thrones… game of throoooones….”… I just might start playing this on my phone instead…

Right Guard Xtreme Clear – Because Everyone Hates The White Stuff

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You’ve been there guys! You jump out of the shower, throw on  your favorite slacks and black shirt and head off down to the pub to meet your mates and watch the game. You’re happy as the proverbial pig, but just before you walk in the door you look down and see these two big white streaks of sticky junk on the sides of your shirt. What happened? What will the ladies think? There’s no way you’re pulling tonight!

Antiperspirant residue is the bane of many blokes lives, even mine. Thankfully my beautiful wife makes fun of me before I leave the house so I get to avoid the public embarrassment, but now it looks like there may be a solution to solve the problem for everybody – regardless of their skill at pulling on a t-shirt after they’ve applied their antiperspirant.

Right Guard Xtreme Clear to the rescue – its clear, so even if you do screw up the residue won’t be noticeable, and with its extra effective wetness protection you’re going to feel safe – no matter how hard you’ve been cheering on  your team. What more could you ask from an antiperspirant?

Fearless Puppy Defends The Food Bowl From A Much Larger Dog

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Looking for a little bit of cute to brighten your day? Let this little puppy be your inspiration as it fearlessly defends the food bowl from it’s much larger housemate.

Bad Timing British Airways

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There’s a time and a place for everything, but considering how recently Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was lost, I think this was definitely the wrong timing for this British Airways advert.

British Airways

Christopher Walken Dance Now

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Ben Craw created this awesome Christopher Walken dance mashup for the HuffPo. The more I watch this video, the more I am reminded that Christopher Walken never appears to be “all there” – if you know what I mean. LOL

Also, I was surprised not to see any clips of Walken from the Fatboy Slim “Weapon of Choice” music video, so I’ve embedded that below for more Walken pleasure :D

Fatboy Slim – “Weapon of Choice”


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