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Cutest Tip Ever!

Paul O'Flaherty 0

Okay, enough with the dirty “just the tip jokes”, as this is one tip that any server would be happy to receive.

I was so stoked to get these. The family gave me money, but the little kid handing me these made my day.

It could have been worse;)

Best Tip Ever

Baby Sleeps, Until Her Favorite Song Comes On!

Sara 0

Adorable baby Amaya sleeps peacefully until her favorite song comes on, then it’s full-on dance party!

Baby Lemur is Adorable

Sara 0

I love lemurs but I’d never seen a baby one before now. I think all Thursdays should now start with baby lemurs- so cute!!


Gangnam Baby Style

Sara 0

7 month old baby dances to Gangnam Style and does it better than anyone else you’ll ever see. So cute!!

Teach a Cat to Fish

Sara 0

The only thing cats want to know about fish is how soon will the next one be here?



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