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Contented Pooch

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Nothing, not even a great big cone on it’s neck, is going to stop this dog from being happy.


Call of Duty: Bark Ops

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War has never been so ruff, or so adorable.

In the future, dogs will be come highly trained operatives. But there is a secret that has the power to unlock their true nature!

Cutest Grizzly Bear Attack Ever

Paul O'Flaherty 2

It’s videos like this that make we want to be attacked by bears. So adorable. Can we keep the bear?

Nap Time

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Kittens are always adorable when they sleep, but never as adorable as when there’s more than one and they sleep like this.

Nap time for kittens

Man And Goose Form “Odd-Couple” Friendship

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Love is for the birds, well, at least for these two love birds.

Steve Hartman meets a retired salesman from Los Angeles who shares a special bond with a Gray Toulouse goose named Maria.


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