Ryu Attacks Taylor Swift (Gif)

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It’s animated gifs like this that make me jealous of the original Street Fighter, although I’m not sure Taylor Swift would be as impressed. Animations have upgraded drastically in different fields like gaming. Casino games have also developed rapidly. Gamblers interested in casino games may check the Slotum Casino Bewertung review to find out more about a reputable online casino. ;)

Ryu attacks Taylor Swift

Who Was Complaining?

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I’m not exactly sure how they were complaining, but apparently their cries fell on deaf ears in Oklahoma.

Complaints from Who

Apparently I’ve Been Spelling Erica Wrong…

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While I have serious doubts that this is the correct way to spell it, it does sound slightly more awesome when I say pronounce it slowly in my Irish accent.


A Deer Farts And The Internet Erupts With Glee

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If a deer farts in the woods and there is nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound? We may have the definitive answer in the stinky Bambi video.

I heard about this video while listening to the radio on the way to work, and I must say that even Sir David Attenborough couldn’t help but giggle…

Poor Ross

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Poor Ross! I’m willing to bet that they didn’t even give him a choice before erecting this sign!

Poor Ross

Craps or Cracks: Rolling the Dice for Laughs and Cash

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 Craps or Cracks


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