UrlyBits (formerly Daily Shite) was born for no other reason than for the sheer amusement of it’s creators.

Paul (@pauloflaherty) was out of wine and Sara (@saraoflaherty) was tired of surfing Twitter, and with little else to do that day they decided it was time to build a new website (something they often did to keep from fighting. Long distance relationships are a bitch!).

In it’s first incarnation, UrlyBits was supposed to be a news aggregator. Hours of blood, sweat, tears and Guinness went into it, and in the end, they looked at it and said ‘You know what? This fucking sucks.’ and tore the whole lot down again.

Never let it be said they don’t know crap when they see it.

After 356,067 attempts at a redesign, probably necessitated due to the 346,069 pints Paul consumed, the pair finally settled on building a site that showcased the funniest, most unusual, most omg-wtf?! videos anywhere.

Welcome to UrlyBits, serving up the best amusement and distractions the web has to offer.

Note about copyright- We do not hold the copyright to anything on this site, except for the site logos and content created exclusively for this website by us, and we do not claim ownership to any of the posted videos we did not create. All photos are taken from the public domain.


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