Just Plain Ouch!

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What can I say except “Ouch!”??

Sit back, enjoy and prepare for some sore ribs as you watch this marathon of face plants and cock-ups :)

Family Guy- Bullfrog Scene

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From the Family Guy- Peter catches a bullfrog for Chris. Morbidly funny!

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

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The “Chasing Cars” Music Video by Snow Patrol.

Gordon Ramsay Attacked by Australian Media Channel Nine

Sara 2

Australian Channel Nine Network slams Gordon Ramsay regarding the comments he made at Good Food show to thousands of stunned spectators.

Dead Snow Movie Trailer

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When a group of kids go for an innocent snowmobiling trip in the woods, they soon discover that the area has a whole lot more history than they bargained for. That…and Nazi zombies!

The Dead Snow movie trailer is provided by IFC Films. The Dead Snow movie opens in US theaters on June 19th, 2009. Dead Snow is directed by Tommy Wirkola.


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