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Test Your Stupidity

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A great way to test and see if you are smart or not.

A Maggot Under a Microscope

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Just in case you ever wondered what a maggot looked like under a crazy-powerful microscope. Looks almost like a Disney character!

When Women Ignore Men

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More true than most of us will admit. We want you to be upset we are ignoring you!

The Adventures of Kim Jong Un

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In case you were living under a rock and missed it, North Korea has a new leader called Kim Jong Un. Even now not much is known about little Kimmy but we do have a leaked North Korean cartoon presenting the totally true triumphs of the totally not pudgy Great Leader.

Commissioner Gordon Is Magnum P.I.

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Commissioner Gordon from Batman Year One bears an uncanny resemblance to  Magnum with glasses.

The original Magnum opening sequence.


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