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Vladimir Putin Vs. Chuck Norris

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Everyone knows how tough Chuck Norris is, but the New York Post ran this bit letting us know why the 4th President of Russia may just beat him in a fight!

Chuck Norris - The Movie

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When Chuck Norris is playing Chuck Norris you know the bad guys are in trouble.

Chuck Norris Doesn’t Endorse: He Makes Reality - Robo-Calls For Gingrich In Alabama And Mississippi

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In a recorded call to voters in Alabama and Mississippi, Chuck Norris explains how Speaker Newt Gingrich would beat President Obama in a “head to head” combat this Fall.

Chuck Norris Vs Death

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Who knows how many people have taken Chuck Norris’s place over the decades?

Chuck Norris In Blu-ray Release Of Return Of The Jedi

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Damn you Lucas… I can’t take any more of these changes!


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