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Baby Sleeps, Until Her Favorite Song Comes On!

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Adorable baby Amaya sleeps peacefully until her favorite song comes on, then it’s full-on dance party!

Gay Guy Does Impromptu Dance to ‘Proud Mary’ at a Wedding Reception

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They claim this wasn’t rehearsed, but it’s just way to awesome not have been planned.

Now That’s A Wedding Dance

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Many couples have a first married dance at their wedding reception, but not many are like Ryan and Frankie van Horn’s, who kicked off their wedding reception with swing dance performance to Benny Goodman’s “Sing Sing Sing.”

“Tron” Light Dance Performance by Wrecking Crew Orchestra

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The timing, co-ordination, skill and synchronization that must have gone into this dance routine is truly amazing.

I Must Dance

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This cracks me up! Dance little guy. Dance and be free!


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