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Decisions Were Made…

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Some decisions were made and priorities were analyzed. I’m not sure that everyone will agree that the right choice was made, but I know that someone had a good time ;)

Decisions Were Made

Zombie Disney Princesses Put A Terrifying Twist On Fairy Tales

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I’ll never think of Snow White the same was again. I just won’t be able to watch it without imagining her ripping Grumpys face off and chewing on Sneezys brains.

Disney Logo Re-imagined For Your Favorite Movies

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While this is awesome, I must say that I’m glad Disney were not involved in the making of any of these movies or shows.

Poor Alice

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Hey, at least she got to take some drugs and not get landed with a loveless fly by night romance…

First Look - Mystery Disney Horror Movie in 2014 - The Dark Jessings

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I’ve never been into Disney flicks and I haven’t heard anything about this one. Either cuz it’s way out there in 2014 or the Mickey Mouse guys are having second thoughts about a ‘Finding Nemo’ with ghosts. Might be passable if it’s like Sixth Sense. I’ll wait until more info comes out before reserving any tickets though :)


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