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Zerg vs Azeroth

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A Starcraft/Warcraft crossover, or Star War for short… although that one might be taken already. Either way it’s an epic piece of machinima.

Lifestyles of the Cubicled and Non-Famous

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He could have benefited from chocolate covered espresso beans with his Mountain Dew instead of the Tab.

(Are there really geeks that drink Tab? I “did not know that”!)

Jizz In My Pants (Halo 3 Remix)

Paul O'Flaherty 0

A parody of the hit song, Jizz In My Pants, inspired by Halo 3. Jizz on Master Chief

World of Warcraft - Beer Song

Paul O'Flaherty 3

I’d never have thought to put together World of Warcraft and the Beer Song, but whoever did came up with a great video!

Another Misadventure - Budget Cutbacks

Sara 0

Times are hard, even in the world of video games. (Halo Machinima)


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