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Key To A Happy Marriage? - Nothing Serious Podcast 42

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Exactly what makes a happy marriage? Steven, Paul and Daniel get in depth on this very important topic leaving no stone unturned and no pube untrimmed. Is the key having a hot wife? Is it having your dong encased in padlocked plastic, or is it simply making silly excuses like “I’m an atheist” so you can be in jail and not having to worry about relationships (well not with women anyway)?

This week we also break the bro code and reveal a very important secret about condoms that all women must know!

Links to all stories mentioned in this episode of can be found on the Nothing Serious Podcast site.

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Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife

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Must-see video for every married man. Take notes fellas!

Fair is Fair

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This is why I support gay marriage too.

Irish Wedding Reception

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Being married to an Irishman, this doesn’t surprise me in the least!

Creative Yard Sale Sign

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Probably one of the best sales around, but hope this isn’t an annual event!


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