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Scott Pilgrim / Ludacris Mash-Up Is Awesome

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Mike Relm created this awesome Scott Pilgrim / Ludacris mash-up which will make your electronic day.

Every Teardrop Has A Super Bass - Mashup Germany

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Sean Paul, Coldplay, Niki Minaj, Childish Gambino and Macaulay Culkin all feature in this awesome sounding mashup.

Commissioner Gordon Is Magnum P.I.

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Commissioner Gordon from Batman Year One bears an uncanny resemblance to  Magnum with glasses.

The original Magnum opening sequence.

A Goonies Game of Thrones

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Tyrion’s “confession” gets replaced with Chunk’s confession to the Fratellis in “The Goonies”.

The Dark Knight Rises: The Animated Series

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The Dark Knight Rises trailer gets mashed up with clips from the Batman animated series in this awesome trailer.


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