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Decisions Were Made…

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Some decisions were made and priorities were analyzed. I’m not sure that everyone will agree that the right choice was made, but I know that someone had a good time ;)

Decisions Were Made

Super Glue Fixes Everything - Nothing Serious Podcast 39

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Daniel returns to the show in time for the Halloween episode, to join Steven and Paul discussing things far scarier than ghouls, spooks and specters.

Senhor Testiculo may be the mascot of nightmares, mothers from hell rip scrotums and sell their kids virginity, “high homosexual demons”, being a dick to the children and will the Supreme Court Justices have to say “I <3 Boobies”?

Our “Bad Joke Of The Week” caller also returns to bring his own brand of Halloween fun.

Links to all stories mentioned in this episode of can be found on the Nothing Serious Podcast site.

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He Didn’t See That Coming

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He didn’t see that coming, and I guess, thankfully neither did she ;)

It Wasn’t Me

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A “who did it” mystery for our readers, and an example of extremely classy parenting. Might also be a case for not letting kids make their own YouTube videos…

So, who did it?

Kids Today

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Kids Today

I’m not trying to imply that kids today are spoiled, selfish and self entitled, but I certainly wouldn’t disagree with you if you came to that conclusion.


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