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Pepsi Puts A Little Extra In Your Shopping

Paul O'Flaherty 0

If Pepsi is putting this in your shopping then you’re clearly shopping in the wrong place - or for the wrong thing!

Jizz In Your Shopping

Caution - Pepsi

Sara 0

Somehow this doesn’t make me want to drink a lot of Pepsi.

The Pepsi Boycott That Isn’t

Submissions 0

Don’t you love those ‘will you repost this status’ things? They are always posted by the most clueless people.

Job Interview

Submissions 3

That’s a hell of a way to get the job!

Now or Never!

Paul O'Flaherty 6

“It’s now or never!” This has to be the greatest Pepsi advert I’ve ever seen, with a twist ending that I just wasn’t expecting. He’s off to get his girl!


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