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Paranormal Activity Prank

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It may have been a prank for Halloween, but if you’re the kind of person who gets freaked out (the willies) by movies like Paranormal Activity then I’m sure this would freak you out too.

Source: Public Prank

Nintendo Wii Prank

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Pranking people using online classified ads since 2012

Broken iMac Prank

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People seem to freak out when you throw a brand new iMac on the ground.

How To Own Your Owner In 5 Easy Steps - Cool Pranks For Cats

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It’s posts like this that make me worry about the future, considering that we just adopted a 9 week old cat.

Drive Thru Floating Cup Prank

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Prankster Magic of Rahat takes his mysterious magic floating cup through drive-thrus and captions the employees’ reactions for your amusement.


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