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Deck Maintenance - Be Carfeul How You Say It

Paul O'Flaherty 0

We have also have problems keeping it dry, but that’s got nothing to do with a New Zealand accent.

Gangnam Baby Style

Sara 0

7 month old baby dances to Gangnam Style and does it better than anyone else you’ll ever see. So cute!!

Hide and Seek From a Toddler’s Point of View (Video)

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This is adorable, but the very first thing you learn? Toddlers cheat!

39lb Cat Needs a Home, If You Can Afford to Feed It

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This poor kitty named Meow is 39lbs and only 2 years old. In terms of getting around they say this is like a person weighing 600lbs! I wonder what the record is for the world’s largest cat?

“Pregnant and I Know It” Music Video (Parody of “Sexy and I Know It”)

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The latest LMFAO parody to make the rounds. This is definitely one of the better ones!


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