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Found Above a University Urinal

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Vote for Hayley Wade for Vice-President of Student Life because she likes your dick.

Drummer Throws Up, Finishes The Song - The Show Must Go On!

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I’ve seen this around the web today, mostly titled “Epic Drummer Solo Fail”, but I think this is a win. That’s perseverance and dedication right there.

Be Careful It’s Contagious

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This is the result of either an epic nights drinking or some seriously bad food poisoning.

The Best Wins Of 2011

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Doesn’t matter if it’s dumb luck, the underdog getting the upper hand or simply someone demonstrating an amazing talent, somethings just make you feel good inside, and this video compilation of the best wins of 2011 should give you a little bit of that feeling.

Lesbian Moms Show Off Their Family And Address Homophobic Mayor Of Troy, Michigan

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A lesbian married couple and their two daughters powerfully address Troy,MI Mayor, Janice Daniels, at a city council meeting about her derogatory Facebook posting about “queers” marrying in NY.

This is class ladies and gentlemen. This is how you take the higher road.

And for those of you who missed the comments originally made by Mayor Janice Daniels:


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