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Hey, Pass Me A Beer!

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In Milwaukee they don’t just HAND each other beer, they make a trick shot art form of it.

Smooth Musings

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It’s hot out there and Keystone Light’s latest advertising campaign may just have you reaching for a cold one to take the egde off as “Keith Stone“ imparts advice as smooth as the beer itself.

Haven’t heard of Keith Stone? Meet the new hero for American men, as cool as Al Bundy with the animal magnetism of James Bond. You can see more of Keith’s collected words of smoothness on the Keystone Light site. Kick back and have a beer while you watch.

The Chinese Know How to Deal with Americans

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This hits wayyyyyy too close to home. How did they find out?

Sounds Like An Awesome Night Out To Me

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I can’t think of many tales of great nights out that started with “there we were drinking tea and soda when…”

Something That Makes Her Look Sexy

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I keep telling people that beer fixes everything but they never listen to me.


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