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How Hurricanes Form

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Stephen Colbert expounds on how hurricanes form and why we need our gay friends for far more than just they’re awesome fashion sense.

Justin Bieber Has a New Tattoo

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Justin Bieber tweeted a picture of his new tattoo to his followers. A crown? Any thoughts on what it means?

Do You Fart In The Bath Tub? So Does Michael Phelps

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Fart in the bath because it’s fun counting bubbles… unless you bubbles turn up in a Louis Vuitton advertisement.

I’ve Seen Dogs Do This

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And now you know why Madonna was doing it in her music video.

Country Star Blake Shelton Brags About Running Over a Turtle on Twitter

Sara 1

Aren’t there animal cruelty laws for this sort of thing? Makes me sick I ever listened to any of his music.


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