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Fearless Puppy Defends The Food Bowl From A Much Larger Dog

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Looking for a little bit of cute to brighten your day? Let this little puppy be your inspiration as it fearlessly defends the food bowl from it’s much larger housemate.

Die Hard With Pugs (Adorable Parody)

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I know it’s kind of stupid.. but it’s Pugs, and Die Hard, and cute… and Die Hard. C’mon.. how can  you say no to Pug Willis?

John McClane, a New York City cop (Izzy the Pug), finds himself in a sticky situation when thieves take over his wife’s office.

Via The Pet Collective

20 Day Old Puppy Learns To Howl By Imitating Boy (Cute)

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Belka, a 20 day old Huskamute (Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky) learns to howl by imitating the young son of her owners. This may well be the most adorable thing you watch today.

Who Knew Dogs Wearing Boots Would Be So Hilarious?

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This is not something we get to see much of down here in the South, since it doesn’t snow, but apparently way up in the frostier areas it’s common to put boots on a dog to protect their feet from frostburn due to the ice and salt on the sidewalks. We applaud caring pet-owners anyways, but we especially love them when they provide us with hysterical videos of these dogs who take a little getting used to the boots. This is by far the funniest video you’ll see today!

Out Foxed?

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Shhh! He’s hunting foxes!

Hunting Dog


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